Just what I’ve always wanted

| July 30, 2009

Although people always say that it is better to give then take, but for me if we always waited for what we have been given, maybe we will not get what we want. The thing that I’ve always wanted was if I could meet again with my childhood friends. He is someone special to me because he always supports me what I do and always help me when I need him. But now, I could not meet him or contact him because I have been lost contact with him. I still remember when he protected me when all my classmates laugh at me because I cannot finish my painting. “It was not good to laugh at someone weakness because we are not perfect”, he said to all my classmates. I really appreciate what he had done. He also helped me to finish my painting because he was very good in painting.

One day, when we talked under the tree waiting for our school bus to achieve us, he told me something that make me very sad. “I have to move on to follow my family. My father was transferred to Sarawak”, he said sadly. “Oh! My God...” I felt very shocked and at the same time I felt so empty. He told me not to be sad. He also told me that he will contact me. “You must be a strong girl and live a happy life. Promise me?” he asked. I nodded and give a brightest smile for him.

Sadly, until now, I never heard news from him. I never know where he had been now, if he live a happy life like we promise and the important thing that he was healthy or not. But what I could do to get what I’ve wanted. Just wait like people always said although I do not like it and pray for the miracle. So, just what I’ve always wanted is to meet again with one of my special childhood friend to show him that now I’m very happy with my life.


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